Frequently Asked Questions about Solar

Q. How much does solar cost?

A. The cost depends on factors like your annual energy usage, the size of your home, the available installation space, and the potential sun exposure.

Q. How large a system do I need?

A. System sizes are based on the available roof space and the amount of electricity you require. Generally Solar solution are able to provide 30% - 100% of a typical house's electricity needs.

Q. How long will my system last?

A. Solar panels are designed to produce electricity for a long time. The solar panels we use carry warranties of 25 years-one of the best warranties in the solar industry. And we only use reliable, proven components, so your system will produce clean, free electricity for decades.

Q. How much can I save?

A. It depends on the size of your system-the more solar panels you have on the roof, the more you'll save. All of our clients see their utility bills reduced dramatically.

Q. Will I still need my WAPDA/KE Connection?

A. Yes, typically. Remember, solar works when the sun is out. So that's when your system will generate electricity: during peak hours of demand. But your utility will continue to supply your electricity at night, and at other times when you are using more electricity than you are generating.

Q. What maintenance is required?

Your solar installation has no moving parts and thus requires minimal maintenance. Mavetech Solar monitoring programs actively monitor your system and will most likely be aware of any required maintenance issues before you notice them yourself.

Q. Why is IEC62446 solar testing important?

Proper commissioning procedures are among the best defenses against fire or electrocution hazards. In 2009 the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) published an international standard, IEC 62446, that defines minimum requirements for documenting, commissioning and inspecting grid-connected PV systems.

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