Costs & Benefits of Solar

At minimum cost, solar systems can reduce your electricity bill and increase your property value.

Cost and Benefits of Solar

As the world moves onto more clean, sustainable energy options, they grow more independent of their energy needs. With the declining cost of Solar Energy technologies and the depletion of fossil fuels, Solar Energy has flourished throughout the world at an exponential rate in recent years, offering clean, bill-free, cheaper and sustainable solutions to our energy needs.

Savings on Electricity cost

The best thing about solar is that a solar solution installed at your home gives you significant saving in your monthly utility bill IMMEDIATELY and also brings you valuable income through Feed- in Tariffs (FiTs) if they are available in your location. You can lock-in the electricity rates for longer durations and get free from power tariff hikes that happen every now and then which makes your savings even bigger as time goes by.

Higher Property values

Owing to its elongated life time of at least 20 years, Solar is an investment that raises the bar for your property value. Historical data indicates that, when you install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, you will automatically recoup nearly 100 percent of your investment. If you spend $10,000 on a PV system, your home's value will increase by around $10,000, maybe even more if utility rates increase as per the trend.

So Solar Energy is one the best investments in a property to increase its retail value and sell it at an astonishingly high profit.

Go Green

Solar is not only financially rewarding but is one of the major solutions to Global Warming and to the Pollution of the environment. Burning of fossil fuels in cars, factories, homes, and power plants causes the emission of greenhouse gases along with other toxic pollutants who create a host of other problems, including unhealthful smog and soot; mercury contamination of people, waters and wildlife; and acid rain and ocean acidification. Turning to solar not only saves the environment from deteriorating but also promises our upcoming generations a healthy planet.

Power Load shedding

When the country is in the midst of the worst and the longest energy crisis of its history, Solar makes you independent of your energy needs and ensures that you never have to worry about your power needs ever again. Moreover a consistent, stable power supply to your appliances ensures their long lifetime.

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