Training Services

Mavetech Solar Academy leads the industry in providing specialized solar training and photovoltaic education.

As the demand for renewable energy grows rapidly, Mavetech Solar Academy leads the industry in providing specialized solar training and photovoltaic education. The trainings range from Design, installation, maintenance and performance management of renewable systems to Financial and economic analysis of renewable energy installations including residential as well as high-end multi Megawatt powerplants.

Recognizing the dearth of qualified people in the Solar industry in Pakistan, we aim to empower professionals and enthusiasts alike to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions in their respective renewable energy fields.There are a multitude of trainings available with us, right from Entry level to more advanced, specialized levels for more in-depth understanding of the concepts.

Who Should Attend

Mavetech Academy features general sessions, workshops, class room style trainings, Hands-on Lab trainings, On-line courses and the much acclaimed Solar Mini MBA among others.

Additionally, the environment provides unmatched opportunities for networking amongst the decision makers and industry leaders of the region.

The sessions can be customized and targeted at the following for maximum benefits:

  • Students
  • Engineers
  • Solar Sales People
  • Designers
  • Customers
  • Installers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Environmentalists
  • Consultants
  • Investors
  • Managers
  • Operators

Available Courses

Mavetech Academy prides itself on the quality of training materials available to us and is playing its part in ensuring that we partner with only the best in the business.

Below are trainings that are currently available, however, we keep on developing new modules and content based on the industry evolution and requirements presented by the market.

Module 1:

  • Basic Solar PV design
  • Advance Solar PV design
  • Customer Needs Assessment and Energy Usage
  • Site Survey techniques and Review
  • Irradiance and Array Location/Orientation
  • Shading Analysis Tools
  • Wind Loading Analysis

Module 2

  • Managing Electrical Components
  • Battery system design and implementation
  • Managing Mechanical Components
  • Completing System Installation

Module 3

  • Maintenance and Performance Management
  • Solar PV Best Practices
  • Performance Modeling of PV Systems

Module 4

  • Introduction to IEC 62446
  • Irradiance Meters and Pyranometers
  • Documentation and compliance

Module 5

  • Solar Finance
  • Solar sales and Marketing
  • Starting your solar Business
  • Improving cost and reliability of Solar PV systems
  • Finance 101 for Renewable Energy Professionals
  • Solar Hot water system design and implementation
  • Tips, Tools and Techniques of the Solar Industry

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